Sunday, September 25, 2005

We Still Don't Know Much

Heading into the fifth week of the college football season we still know little more than we did at the end of week one. The jury is still out on both Auburn and Alabama. Was the Tigers first game loss to Georgia Tech the work of a young team that was still trying to find its way or a team that is missing too many components to compete for an SEC title this year? I tend to believe that it's a team with enough talent to compete this year.

Kenny Irons has emerged as a bonafied scoring threat and Brandon Cox has settled in as a first year starter. Of course that's easy to say when you are playing the likes of Mississippi State, Ball State and Western Kentucky. Expect Auburn to get more of a test Saturday when Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks come to town. They may be low on talent but Spurrier will give Auburn enough looks to test our new defense.

On the Capstone many of the same questions that haunt Auburn also chase the Tide. How good is Alabama? Did the win at South Carolina prove anything? Did the close win at home against Arkansas tell us anything?

My answer is no. I happen to believe that Alabama is much improved over a year ago. They may in fact be the best team in the SEC West. But I'll have to see them win a marquee game before giving them the title of front runner. I do place Brodie Croyle at the top of the SEC when it comes to leadership. There's no arguing that. We'll know more next week this time after the Gators pay a visit to Bryant-Denny.


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