Thursday, October 27, 2005

Busted! Here's The Video That Shows ESPN Has An Agenda

Hey Dan Patrick - You want proof that ESPN has an agenda when it comes to picking who plays for the national championship? Well here you go. Look at those horns. Chris Fowler is busted!

At the bottom of the page is a link to a Texas web site. It has a video on it done by some Texas students working for the college television station. At approximately 18 minutes in Fowler talks about hype and agendas and says they want games with the most hype and ones that are on their networks.

Fowler says quote, "These things are not suppose to factor in but they do." This is exactly what Coach Tuberville has been talking about this week. Fowler goes on to talk about wanting to see Texas vs. USC in the national championship game.

And while we are at it, congrats to Coach Tuberville for standing up to Dan Patrick today. You made me chant, "It's great to be an Auburn Tiger" at my desk.

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