Monday, October 31, 2005

Fulmer's Days Drawing To A Close

By Jay Coulter
Football Saturday In The South

I like Phil Fulmer. OK, I said it. And you should to. Name me one other person that has brought more grief to the Alabama football program than Fulmer? Besides Tommy Tuberville?

Fulmer is lower than low. He's everything that you hate in a coach. But he has beaten the Tide most every year. He did lead them to the walking death penalty. Don't we owe him some love for that?

There's really no reason for Auburn people to enjoy the demise of Phil Fulmer. He's been our whipping boy for the past two years, losing to us three times in that period.

With that said, it's probably about over for Fulmer. This Tennessee team started the year ranked third nationally. They returned most everyone from that team we faced in Atlanta last year. When the AP Poll was released today the Vols received no votes in the poll.

What an amazing fall. Take away that miracle in Baton Rouge and it gets worse. Notre Dame still remains to be played.

Former Auburn Quarterback Pat Washington, who's been with the Volunteers so long that he's lost his Auburn papers, is also feeling the heat. As receivers coach, he's being asked why his players can't catch.

I'm going to miss Phil Fulmer. He's been good to Auburn and even better to Alabama. May the next coach of the Volunteers bring us as much joy.

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