Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Admit It...Tonight Was Plain Fun!

I admit it. I enjoyed my night in front of the radio. It was fun listening to Auburn and having to picture the action on the field. It really took me back to my childhood. Of course things were a little different tonight. But they were different for the better.

I felt like I listened to the game with 700 of my closes friends thanks to Mark Murphy and his message board on If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s the best ten bucks a month you’ll spend.

Tonight was pretty cool. We all cheered online when we scored and complained about things we couldn’t even see. I’m positive that the holding call on Devon’s kick return was total crap. I could feel it. I got annoyed when some demanded that Hugh Nall be fired at the half.

Basically, I felt all the emotions I normally feel when sitting in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Do I want to do it again? Maybe. Do I want to do every week? Absolutely not. But sitting in my den tonight with the radio on and the computer running I had fun - Real fun.

Is Rod Bramlett another Jim Fyffe? Heck no he’s not…But then who is? But I’ll say this -Stan White is excellent. He’s as fundamentally sound as any color guy I’ve heard on radio in a long time.

So to Frank Broyles I say this: Thanks for giving me a great night of football. I made lots of new friends and even got to use my imagination (something few of us get an opportunity to do much anymore).

For a minute I was seven years-old again and Phil Gargis was under center and Shug Jordan was on the sidelines. I was sitting in my bedroom listening to the radio and dreaming of the day I'd play for the Tigers. Mr. Broyles, thank you for a wonderful Saturday evening. War Eagle!

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