Sunday, October 30, 2005

Let's Hear It For John Vaughn!

John Vaughn is back. And judging by the reaction of the crowd in Jordan-Hare Stadium on Saturday, their glad he's back.

Vaughn has shown gritty determination this week in coming back from the nightmare last Saturday. Lining up for his first field goal attempt yesterday, the Auburn crowd roared as he came on to the field. The noise grew even louder after Vaughn connected on the 35 yard attempt. He would later come in and hit a 39 yard field goal.

“It’s a big relief,” Vaughn said. “But the job’s not over, and you have to finish off the rest of the season and be like that every game.” Auburn special teams coach Eddie Gran said he had absolute confidence in Vaughn because of a flawless practice week. “He didn’t miss a field goal all week long in practice,” Gran said. “I was really confident in what he was going to do, and I was proud for him. “You know his heart was beating like crazy - mine was beating - but I felt confident because of what he did all week.”

It's good to know that last Saturday night was simply a bad night. John Vaughn is back and for Auburn the news couldn't be better.

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