Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mike Slive Must Be At A Wedding Today

If you live in the Birmingham, Alabama area be on the lookout today for SEC Commissioner wearing a dark suit and headed to a wedding. How else to explain the conference scheduling that leaves both Auburn and Alabama with off weeks at the same time.

If you live in the state of Alabama this is what you call yard day. Get outside and cut the grass or trim the hedges because today is a snoozer. Why in the world would the SEC place both the Tigers and Tide on vacation in the same week? With Alabama currently the reigning Sports Illustrated cover boys and Auburn fresh off demolishing Steve Spurrier (which happens about as much as a full eclipse) wouldn’t it have been nice to see both in action today? Memo to the SEC office: Schedule all of Commissioner Slive’s weddings in the Spring. Fall is made for SEC football.

Of course there are games today with serious conference ramifications. None are any bigger than in Knoxville where today we find out which team is for real, Tennessee or Georgia. How do you pick this game? Mark Richt’s Bulldogs have shown us little while the Volunteers have played exactly one half of football all year. My gut tells me that Richt struggles mightily today in Tennessee.

With that said, head to the closet and get your work clothes on and start the grass cutting. Mike Slive might be a wedding crasher but you my friend will be a yard guy. Happy cutting!

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