Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tuberville Wins Respect of Tide and Dawgs

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Tommy Tuberville is a popular man. The same is true in Athens, Georgia. How do I know? I've seen it here on my web site. On Wednesday I ran a story about comments Chris Fowler made to a Texas college television station about hype and agendas.

In the story, I linked the video of Fowler making those remarks along with Tuberville's comments about ESPN having an agenda as to who plays for the national championship.

Someone linked my web site to Georgia's Dawg Post Message Board and an Alabama fan board. In the two days since I posted my comments with Fowler's video I've had more than 5,000 hits from these two fan boards.

There's no doubt this article and video proved to be equally popular with the Alabama and Georgia crowd. And why wouldn't it? It seems strange that Tuberville would make these comments when Auburn's two biggest rivals are undefeated and in the top five.

But maybe Tuberville finally feels free to talk about it. With the national championship out of the picture this year maybe it's time to stir the pot. Maybe it's time to start applying a little more pressure on the NCAA.

After all, I'm sure Tuberville has no plans for Alabama and Georgia to remain undefeated.

Here's a column on the subject from Kevin Scarbinsky...

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