Monday, October 24, 2005

Vaughn's Residence Reportedly Egged Saturday Night

Numerous posts on Auburn message boards suggest that Tiger place kicker John Vaughn's residence was egged following Saturday's loss at LSU. Vaughn who was 1 for 6 on field goal attempts has not commented.

Others are reporting that Vaughn was so upset over his performance that he immediately went to the practice field after arriving back at Auburn to practice kicking.

We are still trying to get confirmation of these events. If they do prove true, it's certainly an embarrassment to the Auburn family. Let's hope that Vaughn is able to recover and get back to work this week.

He's a talented kicker who certainly had a bad night but no one should have to put up with this treatment. We have a lot of football to play and we need John Vaughn. He's the best we've got. Let's hope Saturday night doesn't ruin him for good.

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