Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than Auburn-Georgia

Jay Coulter
Football Saturday In The South

Did you wake up this morning with a bounce in your step? Do the problems at work seem insignificant? Well it must be Auburn-Georgia week.

For my money it doesn’t get any better than this. Sure the Alabama game is bigger and I certainly want to win it more. But for simple enjoyment this game is it. I love everything about this week.

When we hear Auburn-Georgia, memories come rushing back to us – Pat Sullivan cementing the Heisman in Athens, the 19-14 loss in 1982 that sent us on to greater things, Bo and his run to the Heisman, beating Georgia in ’83 on the way to the SEC title, Ben Leard throwing like he was Johnny Unitas, Junior Rosegreen and the hit, the sprinkler game, Pat Dye and his cough, Doug Smith with a cigar in his mouth and hedge in his hand and many, many more memories.

What can we expect this year? Well for one we’re playing in a stadium where we’ve won nine of the last ll. Georgia quarterback D.J. Shockley is playing in a knee brace and I expect will be healthy although not as quick.

Georgia will be playing for a lot. But so will Auburn. You can bet that if LSU beats Alabama in the early evening it will be quickly announced in Samford Stadium. We need Alabama to win. It’s hard to say. It’s even harder to pull for them.

If the Tide somehow finds an offense Saturday and we continue improving, this Auburn team could be headed to the Iron Bowl as the odds on favorite to win the conference.

How will Brandon Cox perform? How will the defensive secondary react? Will Brad Lester be 100% and give Kenny Irons a much needed rest? Can Tre Smith hold on to his punt returns? Will John Vaughn be ready? How much will the off week benefit Georgia?

These are all questions we’ll ask and answer a million times this week. We’ll all be experts on the subject. Each of us will have a unique angle that no one else has thought of yet. And for these reasons and more, I love Auburn-Georgia week.

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