Monday, November 07, 2005

Tre Smith Says Tigers Quickly Shift To Georgia

In Tre Smith's web blog today he says the team quickly moved from watching Kentucky film to focusing on Georgia. He said the coaches made it clear how important this game is...

"This was a good week for the offense. We rushed for almost 400 yards and scored seven touchdowns. We almost had 3 players rush for over a hundred yards (which would have been the first time since 1983) but I had 99 net yards. I actually rushed for 106 yards but I had 7 lost yards.

It was surprising today how fast the team forgot about the Kentucky game. Usually we watch all the film and study it really hard, but today was different. We quickly watched the film and even skipped some parts and went straight to watching Georgia film.

We also are starting to prepare extra early. Just in case any of the young guys don’t know how important this week is the coaches sure made it clear to everyone today."

Taken From Tre Smith's Web Site. Click here to visit...

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