Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Frank Solich Must Be Back On The Bottle

The USA Today/Coaches Poll released the individual votes of its coaches in its final regular season poll. After last year's controversy where Auburn was screwed out a shot at the national championship, the Coaches Poll agreed to show the public how each coach voted in the final regular season poll.

Tommy Tuberville ranked Auburn at number four while former Nebraska coach and current Ohio University leader Frank Solich put the Tigers at a shocking 13th.

Solich was convicted of DUI charges last week after being found unconscious in his car while it was running. One can only wonder if he hit the bottle once more when making out his top 25 selections.

What a loser. First he can't win with the best recruits in the country and now he can't stay sober enough to vote right in the national polls. Do we need a playoff or what?

Click on the link below to see how many of the SEC coaches voted. This is very interesting stuff. Houston Nutt of Arkansas put Auburn at number three. He's not as big a nut as I thought.

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