Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just Another Home Game For Boise State

You couldn't ask for a better fourth quarter of football than last night's MPC Computers Bowl in Boise, Idaho. Unfortunately for Boston College you could ask for a better bowl game.

I've been to Boise on five different occasions and I must say that Boise is one of the great secrets of the West. I've loved every visit I've made there. I even got my picture made on the famed blue turf at Boise State's Stadium.

But my Dad made a good point. How many times has the home team played in this game? When I turned the game on yesterday I was surprised to see there wasn't even an attempt at covering up the fact that this game was just another Broncos home game.

The 50 yard line was covered with the Boise State logo. There was no sign of Boston College even playing in the game. Then while surfing the net last night I found this article by a writer from the Boston Globe.

There is no doubt that the players from Boston College have been screwed. I hope the NCAA takes action to prevent home teams from playing every year in their own bowl games.

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