Saturday, December 10, 2005

This Auburn Team May Lose More Than Last Year's

In the back of our minds we all new this day was coming. With success comes better opportunity. And that's not just for the players. A pair of Auburn coaches are getting the attention of other schools.

Running backs coach Eddie Gran appears to be the front-runner for the head coaching job at Middle Tennessee State. And now reports out of San Diego have Al Borges as a candidate for the head coaching job at San Diego State University.

Gran has been credited with developing Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown and Kenny Irons. He's well thought of in the coaching profession and appears to have the inside track.

Ironically, another strong candidate is former Auburn Heisman Trophy winner Pat Sullivan. After battling and beating cancer, the former TCU coach has made it clear that he wants another head coaching opportunity.

Both Gran and Borges are deserving of top jobs. But like most Auburn fans, I hate to see them go. While losing Carnell, Ronnie and Jason Campbell was tough, the possibility of losing Gran and Borges would be even tougher.

Let's wish them the best of luck and keep our fingers crossed that they stay a little longer on the Plains.

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