Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Tide's Not Just Bad On The Field...They Are Also Stupid!

If this doesn't take the cake then nothing does. When it looked like Bama's year couldn't get any worse, the NCAA releases on Tuesday the graduation rate for all Division I schools.

And guess what? Bama is dead last in the SEC. That's right, out of 12 schools the Tide is once again pulling up the ass. In fact, they were so bad graduating players they ranked fifth from the bottom among Division I schools.

Auburn ranked a respectable fourth in the conference.

After being pounded at Pat Dye Field we now learn that not only can they not play but they are also stupid. Of course, we've known that for years. You need only to look in the stands on game day and count teeth to realize that fact.

I've been saying it here for the last month. The Auburn Athletic Department is so entrenched as the top sports program in the state that few even argue anymore. It's hard to find a reasonable SPUAT backer to put up a fight.

Christmas is only a few days away now. What else can happen to Bama before the new year? Next thing you know they'll be playing their bowl game at 10:00 a.m. EST.

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