Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tigers Rake In The Loot This Holiday Season

One of the great secrets of college football is that players actually get paid for playing in bowl games. Unlike the rest of the season where a few dollars from the university will get you in big trouble (see Eric Ramsey), it's perfectly legal for bowl teams to receive cash and prizes.

By earning a trip to the Capital One Bowl, Auburn is allowed to give each of its players up to $350 in merchandise. The Capital One Bowl will give each player an additional $500 in merchandise.

But that's not all folks, the players also receive gas money for the trip to Orlando. It's the only game of the year where each players is responsible for getting to the game on their own. A trip to Orlando will net each player about $400.

Upon arriving in Florida, the Auburn players will be treated like kings with trips to Disney World and Sea World. They will be lavished with big meals and nightly activities. And don't forget they still have to play Wisconsin a week from Monday.

So what kind of merchandise do our guys receive? Well this year it looks like they'll all be getting new Ipods along with watches and enough bowl clothing to outfit them through the winter.

Last year at the Sugar Bowl Auburn players received portable DVD players in addition to many other things. This year the Georgia team will be receiving custom fitted mountain bikes and Sony Playstation Portables, one of the hottest gifts of the Christmas season. By NCAA rules the teams participating in conference championships are entitled to more gifts.

It's good to see that at least once a year these college players get a reward for all of their hard work, not to mention something in return for all the revenue they bring to Auburn.

The Tigers will practice through Wednesday before breaking for Christmas.

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