Monday, July 24, 2006

Who Has The SEC's Best Looking Uniforms?

Southern recently rated the best looking uniforms in the SEC. Auburn came in at number five. I obviously take exception to that. Is there anything more beautiful than that interlocking AU?

To make matters worse, they rated Alabama number 2. Is there any uniform in the country more plain than UAT's? Number 2? Please! They took Penn State's uniform and made it crimson. Share with us your thoughts. Here are their rankings...

1. LSU - Sure the Tigers only have one look that they wear most of the time, the white on gold, but the color scheme screams marti gras and the uniform is very inimitable and original. The helmet is one of the coolest in college football and has had the same logo design since the late 1970s. The shoulder stripes stand out and give the jersey flavor.

2. Alabama – The quintessential traditional look. No team in the game may be more identified with their uniforms, namely their helmets, than the Alabama Crimson Tide. Props for staying old school and for staying with what works. Please don’t ever change. (They already have... They have that yellow streak running down their back)

3. Georgia – A fresh look that has for the most part stayed the same the last 40 years. The logo and the helmet are classic and just look good on the football field. The “silver britches” as they are referred to are a very real tradition in Athens. The Bulldogs look best, in our estimation, on the road in white.

4. Ole Miss – Clean-cut but bold and professional, makes us want to go tailgate in The Grove. The shoulder bands look tremendous and the color scheme looks so much better than the early 1990s model. We like the Rebels’ alternate red jerseys, too.

5. Auburn – The interlocking logo looks great on the helmet and the orange and white stripes on the sleeves really stand out. The overall look is bold, mature and time-tested. The Tigers have one of the more classic uniforms in college football.

6. Vanderbilt – Black and gold goes well together and we really like the new Vanderbilt helmet. The “V” inside the star is a neat idea and dates back to the program’s 1970s roots. The trim down the pants looks very nice

7. Florida – The Gators stay here assuming we don’t see anymore orange shoulders, that experiment was rough. The colors make you think of the Sunshine State and Florida has a sweet helmet and logo that stands out and is unique to the school. The home blue tops with white pants look the best.

8. South Carolina – The colors have been adjusted in recent years, but the Gamecocks have a nice setup and very cool helmets. The “C” with the rooster inside is unique only to Carolina. We like the black and red stripes down the helmet and on the side of the pants.

9. Tennessee – The Volunteers are orange, very orange, but they get points for tradition and consistency. When UT is playing at home, the sea of orange on the field and in the stands is almost blinding. There is a lot of history in that “T” on the helmet. On the road, the ‘Vols look very plain.

10. Arkansas – The Razorbacks have a full hog on their helmet, even their rivals have to admit that is kind of neat. He has been there since 1964. The uniform isn’t overly impressive, but not bad by any means either. Just doesn’t have the immediate appeal of some of the others in the league.

11. Kentucky – The new look is serviceable, not bad considering some of the other so-called upgrades we have seen in college football. When the Wildcats go with blue tops and pants, to go along with their helmets, that’s just an awful lot of blue to look at. If Kentucky simply adopted the threads worn on October 2nd of 2004, we would be much bigger fans.

12. Mississippi State – Not ugly by any means, but kind of a boring, plain format lacking the history and tradition of some of the others on this list. The Bulldogs have only had their current helmet look since the beginning of the 2004 season.

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