Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Are The Auburn Glory Days Now?

In the link below Randy Kennedy of the Mobile Register makes a solid argument that Auburn is in the midst of its glory days now. This picks up from our post yesterday and takes the argument one step forward. He makes some good points...

"In the glory days of Auburn football, the Tigers won 55 games over a six-year period, an average of 9.2 games per season.

In the glory days of Auburn football, the Tigers won four straight games over rival Alabama and were a combined 9-3 against their two most intense rivals, the Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs.

In the glory days of Auburn football, the Tigers won the SEC West outright or tied for first five times in a six-year period.

In the glory days of Auburn football, the Tigers won 13 games in a single season, two more than they had ever won in a season before."

His logic is sound. But I still say that Auburn's true glory days were back in the 1980's when the Tigers pretty much dominated an entire decade. But I do believe if Auburn delivers on expectations this year then we'll be very close to those elusive glory days...

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