Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mississippi State's Defense Will Provide Test For #4 Auburn

The competition gets a lot tougher Saturday when Auburn travels to Starkville to take on Mississippi State. To make that point, Tigers coach Tommy Tuberville wore maroon during his Sunday afternoon press conference. To make the point further, he put the team through two grueling days of practice (Monday and Tuesday) while most of us were cooking out with family and friends. His message: forget about Saturday's win. It's conference time.


Cool Hand Mike said...

Run, run, play action pass. All day long. Irons gets 120 yds 2TD.

Jay Coulter said...

I agree. I think the offense will keep it kind of basic this week if the can. Don't want to show much to LSU.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you never know with the "Riverboat Gambler." The fake punt makes evryone sit back and wonder what else may be coming even against Mississippi State.