Friday, September 01, 2006

Seattle Blow-Hard Looks to Get His Groove on at the War Eagle Supper Club

I ran across an article today posted by Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Jim Moore, an obvious blow-hard that has somehow found his way to Auburn for Saturday's game with Washington State. In the article he attempts to make light of the fact that Auburn players don't know where Washington State University is located.

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John said...

I would get angry at a column like that, but to tell the truth, Jay, it just makes me sad.

It clearly shows that the way to get a sports writing gig in Walla Walla, Washington or wherever WSU is, is to be a major JackHole.

If I had to write about WSU football, I would probably be bitter too.

Jay Coulter said...

Good point John. I mean, there Tuberville is taking time out of his day to talk to this jack leg and then he attacks our players. You are right, this is probably the biggest football game he's ever covered.