Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spurrier Comes To Defense of Kenny Irons

Auburn running back Kenny Iron's public divorce with South Carolina has again become front and center news this week. The Tigers take on South Carolina Thursday night, where Irons will return to Williams-Brice Stadium wearing orange and blue. Irons led the SEC in rushing last season after sitting out the 2004 campaign as required by the NCAA, while transferring to Auburn from Carolina.


Cool Hand Mike said...

Ol Ball Coach
by Cool Hand Mike(think Walt Whitman on a 3 day bender)

Ol Ball Coach, damn Ball Coach a bad season is bound to come.

Blake Mitchell has weathered every sack and the SEC title you sought was not won.

The first game is near, the cock-a-doodle I hear, the people all exulting.

While follow eyes the cock-n-fire, yet Darth Visor looks like he has seen something revolting.

But O visor! visor! visor!

O the bleeding looks of dread.

Where on the sideline the damn Ball Coach cries

Beaten like a stepchild with a head of red.

Ol Ball Coach, damn Ball Coach rise up and hear the yells.

Rise up- for you the Hail Mary is flung- for you the 2001 theme wails.

For you the "We love Cocks" signs - for you the alumni meetings are a crowding.

For you the call, the swaying masses,"Please just beat a Bowden."

Here Ball Coach! damn Ball Coach!

This playbook under your head.

It is some dream that on that sideline,

You've been beaten like a stepchild with a head of red.

My feelings on Auburn has been posted here on many occasions. That said, I hope your guys kick the hell outta the OBC.

Roll Tide Roll!

Jay Coulter said...


That was beautiful. You're a poet and didn't even know it. Thanks for the pick me up. If there is anything that can unite Auburn and Alabama, it's the ole ball coach!

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