Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Highlights From Coach Tuberville's Tuesday Press Conference

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville held his weekly press conference Tuesday and previewed the Georgia game. Tuberville praised the Bulldogs and talked about the importance of playing in such a big game...

"Georgia's a very good football team. They had a week off; they're well-rested. We'll get their best shot. The pressure is obviously going to be on them to win this game to have an opportunity to get to Atlanta. Every year, it seems like one or the other has the opportunity, and this year, we're still in the race; but also, there's a little pressure on us.

"That's what you try to do in this conference; get to the end of the year. We are close to that and still have the opportunity to play for the championship.

"We both have that opportunity. There will be a lot of interest obviously. It'll be a big night television-wise. "Our guys will be prepared. We're excited about it. The intensity level will get higher in practice, but the one thing we do as coaches is continually try to make it fun for our players. We don't want to make this a grind going into the last two weeks. We've improved as a team, we've gotten better. We'll continue just to worry about our fundamentals and techniques and try to improve this week in the game.

"They have a lot of speed and quickness, very similar to the LSU team we played just two weeks ago. They have a lot of weapons on both sides. They're very sound and solid on defense. Their offense was obviously set back a little bit by playing a backup quarterback against Florida. Shockley will play, he'll be ready to go, and we're prepared for that. It'll be a challenge on us for defense.

"There's always a lot of talent and speed on both sides in this game every year. Special teams usually play a major role in this game, and it won't be any different this week. We're looking forward to a challenge. It will be a great challenge for us. We've got to get back on our feet one more time, continue to go and see what happens."

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