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Speaking With The ESPN Game Day "Penis Guy"

This is too good not to run. Below is a question and answer session with the "Corso is a penis" sign guy. We ran the still shot of this earlier in the week. It shows "Todd The Penis Guy" holding up a sign that says, "Lee Corso is a Penis". I have to admit it was classic.

OK, now for my confession. This article came from the web blog Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer. It's published by Warren St. John who wrote the best selling book of the same name. And yes, it's an Alabama blog.

But I must say, if you can get past all the shots at Auburn it's actually quite funny. And the book is excellent. I'm still not sure why so many Bammers embrace it because it makes them look like clowns. Anyway, here you go...

Got a funny email yesterday from Todd, the "Corso is a penis" sign guy. Seems he Googled his little sign, and found out that it was all over the Internet.

We wanted to know the story behind the sign, and specifically, what kind of jail sentence Todd was facing for displaying it on TV. Turns out Todd's still a free man -- for now -- and he agreed to talk if we promised not to print his last name. (Todd wants to work for ESPN someday.) First, in case you missed it, Todd's moment:

RJYH: Okay Todd, who are you?

Todd: I'm a Junior at Georgia Southern University.

RJYH: How'd the sign come about? And why, in your opinion, is Lee Corso "a penis," and not some other derogatory term or body part?

Todd: Being a Bulldawg fan my whole life I have noticed that the press never gives us or any team in the SEC enough credit. Especially Lee Corso. When he picks UGA to win we refer to it as "Corso's Curse."

It's just hard for me to watch year after year as everyone on ESPN Game Day overlooks the SEC -- especially Corso. Which is what makes him a penis. I guess there are a few other phrases that could capture Corso, but penis fits best.

RJYH: And the sign?

Todd: My friends Matt and Adam actually made the sign while stuck in traffic on the way to the game. They took it to the GameDay set but were asked by the cops to put it away. So I took the sign, rolled it up and located a place to stand by looking at what signs were on the big screen.

Then I got on the shoulders of my buddy, Kent, and waited until they cut the camera back to Corso. Once the camera was back on, I blindly held the sign up with my view of the screen blocked by some other sign. As a roar of laughter went over the crowd I realized that, yeah, the sign must be up there.

RJYH: What did the police think of your sign?

Todd: After about 20 seconds or so, I felt someone grab my belt and then my shoulder. It was the cops. They pulled me down and placed me back on the ground, gently and on my feet. They then proceeded to take the sign and tell me I should leave. I made sure I got out of there before any ESPN folks had a chance to ream me.

RJYH: When did you figure out you were having your fifteen minutes?

Todd: For the rest of the day I was hearing the tale of "that guy with the penis sign." But I had no real confirmation that any of it had actually aired. I looked for video and clips the day after it happened but I couldn't find anything.

Then today I just got the wild hair to check around the internet and found at least a dozen sites referencing it. I still feel a little overwhelmed to see myself all over the internet. I still have no idea how big it is or was, I only know that it's become bigger than I ever thought.

RJYH: Anything you'd like to add?

Todd: Just the fact that with Shockley, UGA would have mopped the floor with Florida.

RJYH: What do you have in store for Auburn this weekend?

Todd: We have a little payback in store for them. Things are different between the hedges. We're going to see how Auburn likes it when we hit them with the Shocker.

RJYH: The Shocker
? Todd, I'd think you'd quit while you were ahead.

Todd: Oh yeah, we're gonna shock 'em. We're gonna shock 'em real good.
RJYH: Thanks Todd. And good luck with that ESPN gig.

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