Thursday, November 03, 2005

When You Say Alabama Redneck...You've Said It All!

Can the stereotype of an Alabama fan get any worse?
Just when you think you've seen every kind of redneck Alabama fan there is they surprise you again. It's days like this when I thank God I wear Orange and Blue.

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Floridan Blogger said...

You "thank God you wear orange and blue" yet you fail to open your eyes and see you represent THE BIGGEST redneck college in America! I've never seen a so called "college town" feature MORE RODEOS than a nightlife, and in your most popular bar, all they ever feature is the two biggest names ever to hit Aubarn: Trotline and Northern Railroad!

How many rodeos does your school host for its backwoods student body, where 17,000 students show up, WHICH MORE STUDENTS ATTEND THAN THEY DO FOOTBALL GAMES. How much more trailer trash can you compact into that backwoods city that's already overflowing with it from Wire Road? And how many more fraternity KKK parties are your frat students going to throw raising more and more controversy in the process? They've already stirred the national pot and the colored group are already against them. But I'm sure when they enter that shit hole town, the rebel flags seen everywhere quickly run them off. PS: How many monster trucks have you purchased from Aubarn Off-Road for mud riding with your fellow incest students?

By the way, the guy you mention above IS NOT a redneck. He's a lifelong Alabama fan from Colorado, that's not surprisingly more intelligent than you'll ever be! Funny thing is, he earned his degree unlike the illiterate morons who receive theirs for nothing at all down at The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute!